We’ve Got This!

March 1, 2020 | Blog

Knowing how extraordinarily difficult this time is for so many people affected by Autism, I felt overwhelmed with emotion every time I tried to write this blog. What could I possibly say about something of this magnitude? Tears filled my eyes as I thought of some of the ways in which the pandemic is wrecking havoc for so many members of the ASD community.  But this morning, I was struck by a realization. The Autism family is strong! Every single day, people with Autism navigate a world designed by and for neurotypical people. Every single day, family members and caregivers wake up, take a deep breath, and help their loved ones face this world and find ways to thrive. People with Autism and their loved ones know how to find joy and gratitude in the little moments. The ASD community knows hardship, knows how to persevere, and finds creative ways to make it through obstacles. On behalf of the US Autism Association, I send you love and encourage you to reflect on your strengths during this challenging time. 


Jennifer Grace


US Autism Association