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January 1- Your tax deductible donation supports new programs in 2018 and a 23 minute video that will change your life
January 18 - Crisis Management - Step by Step; New Challenges For Introducing People With Disabilities Into The Workforce
February 1 - Your Child Does Have A Stim; Avoid Age Equivalencies; Parents Are Teachers
February 19 - Doctors and Diagnoses; Biology of ASD Ignored, Emergencies, Surgeries and Anesthesia, Dr. Demio SoundBites Videos
March 20 - SAVE THE DATE: USAAA Conference scheduled for Nov. 29th - Dec. 1st
March 30 - SMART IEPs: A Tactics and Strategy Session
April 13 - Forgetting Milestones and Learning to Measure Progress
April 20 - The Columbo Strategy and How to Use It! A Success Story; An Expedition Through Autism
April 25 - Conference Host City TBA Next Week
May 14 - Conference Registration is Now Open - Reserve Your Seat Now for the Early Bird Rates
May 15 - Exhibitor Registration Now Open
May 17 - FREE Online Event with AHA now through May 21
May 31 - Autism Prevalence - 1 in 22 Boys
June 13 - Science Now Shows What Parents Knew Years Ago
June 15 - Autism - Finding Help For My Child
June 29 - Autism and the Legal System
July 24 - USAAA is now the US Autism Association
August 14 - A Conference Like No Other - Register Now
August 24 - Early Bird registration ends Labor Day, September 3rd
August 31 - Early Bird registration ends Labor Day
September 3 - Conference Early Bird Registration rates end tonight!
September 17 - Help for College Students with Disabilities; Teen's soap business helps him thrive
September 25 - How playing an instrument benefits your brain
September 28 - Can a Laser Cure Depression?
October 18 - Bartonella and Autism: A Hidden Cognitive Challenge with Dr. DeMio, MD
October 26 - Reserve Your Seat Now - Conference in 5 Weeks
October 30 - Challenges That Young Adults With Autism May Have With Employment and Higher Education
November 15 - New Research Shows Underlying Causes of Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Autism
November 16 - A Breakthrough in the Employment of Those With Autism Into Good Paying Career Jobs
November 20 - Conference in 1 week - Register Now
December 5 - Providing over $25,000 of conference scholarships
December 27 - With persistence, determination, and purpose, almost anything can be possible. DONATE NOW!


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