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December 31 - Johns Hopkins Scientists Discover a Controller Of Brain Circuitry

December 21 - Not All Drugs Are the Same After All

December 4 - Asthma drugs may be linked to autism

November 30 - Support USAAA Initiatives - Donate Now!

November 29 - Holiday Gifts supporting Theatre Workshop Initiative

November 24 - Scientific Link to Autism Identified

November 18 - A Special Thanksgiving Issue - recipes

November 13 - Parent IEP Preparation Check List

October 30 - Living With Aspergers

October 23 - Less Sensitivity to Hormone May Play Role in Autism

October 14 - Undiagnosed Asperger's Leads To 'Life As An Outsider'

October 6 - Man Writes About Life with Asperger's

October 2 - Asperger syndrome in the office

September 18 - Men with Mops employs autistic adults

September 1 - A young adult with autism talks about 'the brain memo'

August 25 - Bone marrow stem cells with unique MRI tracking methods

August 24 - Autism - Transitioning between environments

August 3 - Unfolding the mysteries of the brain

July 2 - Use of vitamin D in clinical practice

June 25 - Autism DVD Series To Premiere At USAAA International Conference

June 18 - Exhibitor Showcase

June 12 - Spotlight - Dr. Kartzinel, Dr. DeZonia, Dr. Etting, T. Duncan

June 4 - Spotlight - Dr. Goldberg, S.Scheflen, T.K. Wrangham, G.Jennings

May 29 - Spotlight - R. Kaufman, M. Thurman, J. Matthews, Dr. Mary Jo Lang

May 21 - Spotlight - Dr. Paradiz, Dr. Partington, Dr. Uszler, L. Ackerman

May 10 - Happy Mother's Day - These moms know true love

May 8 - NJ Conference Recap; Cognition, Sensory Processing and Arousal

April 21 - Meet Dr. Gary Kampothecras, Warrior Dad

April 19 - Autism conference invitation

April 8 - Topics in Occupational Therapy

March 30 - Dr. Robert Naseef to open New Jersey Regional Conference

March 23 - One child in 60 'suffers from a form of autism

March 18 - Engaging Children in "Contributory Activities"

March 11 - Can you ever cure autism?

March 4 - The Thinkers: Robotics developer helps studying autistic children

February 25 - The Vaccine Court Case You Weren't Supposed to Hear About

February 23 - Minister-mom Ignites A Global Debate On Autism

February 13 - Health Care Provisions Slipped Into Economic Stimulus Bill

January 30 - United Methodist Women To Support Autism Conference

January 27 - Much High Fructose Corn Syrup Contaminated With Mercury

January 26 - Autism's cause likely linked to environment, study says

January 23 - Registration now online for regional conference

January 16 - USAAA announces two conferences for 2009


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