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  • US College Autism Project - USCAP. Despite adequate cognitive ability for academic success in college, many individuals on the autism spectrum find post secondary education an insurmountable hill to climb. Often gaining admission without ever identifying themselves as individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, these students go unnoticed by their professors until their sensory, social, learning styles and organizational challenges combined with fatigue cause them to fail. Many students affected by autism spectrum disorders never finish college. Much more needs to be done to assist these individuals who have the potential to graduate from college but often fail because their needs are unidentified and their talents are under-supported. US Autism Association, through the US CAP initiative, is creating an opportunity for individuals on the autism spectrum to have a successful college experience and to be prepared for post collegiate transitions. Learn More.

  • Conference Proceedings Manual. US Autism Association has hosted conferences sine 2005 and published a Conference Proceedings Manual for each conference. Call 1-888-9AUTISM to learn more about sponsorship for the Manuals or contact us via email. Learn More about our conferences.

  • Conferences - US Autism Association inaugural world conference was held August 9-12, 2006 in Park City, Utah. Annual conferences have been in Park City, UT (2006), Denver (2007), Austin (2008), Los Angeles (2009), St. Louis(2010), Seattle (2011), Denver (2012), Salt Lake City (2013), Kansas City (2014), Tucson (2015), Louisville (2016), Portland, OR (2017), and Las Vegas (2018). US Autism Association partnered with other organizations to host three additional regional conferences in Vancouver (2007), Orlando (2008) and New Jersey (2009). US Autism Association has reached thousands of parents, caregivers, health care practitioners, individuals with autism, students, educators, therapists, along with everyone who wants to learn more about services and treatment for persons living with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) through our conferences. Sponsorship and Advertising opportunities include conference sponsorship, exhibiting,plus much more. Learn More.

  • US Autism Association TV - US Autism Association 5th Annual World Conference in 2010, became the most-viewed autism conference in the world. Over 34,000 people viewed the event online in addition to the 700 plus on site conference attendees. This was the first ever ASD conference to be streamed live in its entirety. Learn More.
  • Website- reach millions of viewers by advertising on the US Autism Association website - call at 1-888-9AUTSIM or contact us.

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