Support & Goals?
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1. Add members to current advisory board with expertise in autism training, advocacy, college placement, support and transition services, and legal support for individuals with disabilities.

2. Continue to connect with the many colleges and universities that currently strive to meet the needs of this population.

3. Continue researching the available support services that are geared towards assisting students on the autism spectrum to attend college and transition from college to the workplace.

4. Continue to meet and plan with college and university personnel that are interested in spearheading programs the will meet the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum and continue to connect with these individuals to learn about their existing programs and initiate discussions about USCAP.

5. USCAP established a training program that includes a schedule of topics, a curriculum and a list of potential presenters for those colleges and universities that are interested in acquiring training and consultation to better meet the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum.

6. Schedule and host a Regional Training Conference for post-secondary educators wanting to learn more about meeting the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum.

7. USCAP established the USCAP standards for training and their requirements for completion for colleges and universities as well as the local community autism support specialists through workshops and or consultation services. The standards detail the criteria for college or supporting community professionals to be listed as a recommended provider through USCAP.

8. Continue to improve the model training program that was established in 2012.

9. Establish funding for the program through grants and donations.

US Autism Association, through the USCAP initiative, is creating an opportunity for individuals on the autism spectrum to have a successful college experience and to be prepared for post collegiate transitions. But, we need your help. Donate now. Your donation will make a difference to a student in succeeding at the college level.?With your support, it is our hope and our vision to bring USCAP to every college in America.

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