Donation by Phone

To donate by telephone, please have your credit card ready and call: 1-888-9AUTISM (1-888-928-8476). Our operators are standing by!

Or send us an email stating you wish to donate to US Autism Association: Contact Us

Whether you are a previous US Autism Association supporter or are giving for the first time, thank you for your commitment to the US Autism Association mission: to Provide the Opportunity for everyone with autism spectrum disorders to achieve their fullest potential, by enriching the autism community with education, training, accessible resources, and partnerships with local and national projects. US Autism Association provides educational and family support through conferences and workshops as well as through published and electronic mediums. US Autism Association distributes information with regard to medical/biomedical and behavioral, developmental, and educational interventions, adjunct therapies, and research to parents, practitioners, students, individuals with ASD, teachers and everyone who is associated with the autism community.

Your support enhances the quality of life of individuals and their families and caregivers touched by autism spectrum disorders.Frequently Asked questions.