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January 1- Your tax deductible donation supports new programs in 2017
January 19 - Pinning Down a Strength
February 6 - The Challenges of Autism in Small-Town America
February 8 - USAAA 12th Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon, August 25-27
February 20 - Conference Registration is Now Open
February 24 - Bullying - What can you do to protect your child?
March 1 - A program to give jobs to young people with autism
March 7 - Why Therapy Shouldn't Always Lead to Medication
March 16 - Shop Today and Support USAAA
March 21 - NEW STUDY - The role of oxidative stress, inflammation and acetaminophen exposure
March 24 - Supreme Court Decision: Endrew v. Douglas Co. Goal - Full Inclusion
March 30 - New Insights Into Tests And Treatments, Plus cooking with Julie Matthews
April 7 - How Can Doctors Support Patients With Autism?
April 24 - Integrative Treatments for Behavioral Problems
April 26 - Arrest of 10-year-old boy with Autism "deplorable"
May 4 - Teenager denied national trip because he has autism
May 12 - Mother's Day Special Edition: Mother and Son Share A Moment On Stage
May 18 - Free Online Event by Autism Hope Alliance
May 22 - Early Bird Rates End May 29; Special addition to conference program
May 24 - Screenings of two award-winning films announced for USAAA 12th Annual Conference
May 26 - Tech Giants Tap Into Autism Community for Fresh Talent
May 29 - Conference Early Bird ending Soon
May 31 - Conference Early Bird ends tonight
June 15 - 5 Father's Day Lessons For Every Parent From An Autism Dad
June 16 - Happy Father's Day from USAAA
June 23 - How Can Doctors Support Patients With Autism?
July 7 - TEMPLE GRANDIN on Learning To Drive
July 13 - Autism Creates An Enormous Responsibility On Siblings
July 20 - Conference in 5 weeks
August 10 - Budding soap mogul invited to speak at conference
August 17 - Conference in 1 week
August 18 - Conference in 6 days - Thanks to the sponsors and exhibitors
September 22 - Does Hollywood Have A Bias Against Films Portraying Disability?
October 5 - SO B. IT coming to a theater near you Oct 6th
October 18 - Siblings Share Incredible Experiences
October 20 - Treating Underlying Medical Conditions From Seizures To Toxicity
November 23 - Quick Tips from Previous USAAA Conferences, plus much more
December 19 - Protecting Students with Disabilities
December 27 - Provide the Opportunity for individuals with autism and Aspergers
December 29 - With persistence, determination, and purpose, almost anything can be possible.


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