Since 1995, USAAA began improving the quality of life of individuals affected by Autism, Asperger Syndrome and other related disorders. In the summer of 2005, Special Abilities evolved into US Autism & Asperger Association, Inc. with a mission to provide the opportunity for everyone living with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and other related disorders to achieve their fullest potential, by enriching the autism community with education, training, accessible resources, and partnerships with local and national projects. To learn more about how you can help with our current and future projects, contact us.

Past Conferences

US Autism & Asperger Association inaugural World Conference was held in 2006 in Park City, Utah. Annual conferences have been in Denver (2007 and 2012), Austin (2008), Los Angeles (2009), St. Louis (2010), Seattle (2011) Salt Lake City (2013), Kansas City (2014), Tucson (2015), Louisville (2016), Portland, OR (2017). There have been three other conferences with partners in Vancouver (2007), Orlando (2008) and New Jersey (2009).

USAAA streamed the very first autism/Asperger conference live in Park City, Utah in 2006. The US Autism & Asperger Association 5th Annual World Conference, held October 1-3, 2010, became the most-viewed autism conference in the world. While there was a capacity crowd of 700 attendees each day at the conference in St. Louis, Missouri, over 34,000 people viewed the event online. This was the first ever autism and Asperger conference to be streamed live in its entirety.

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