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US Autism & Asperger Association, Inc. July 29, 2008

Welcome to USAAA Weekly News, an email newsletter that addresses a range of topics on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Asperger's Syndrome.

My Semester With an Asperger Syndrome Student
By Stephen A. Yoder

My [teaching] experience demonstrated several limitations...

I am not a psychologist or otherwise qualified to say for certain that “Fred,” the name I am using as a pseudonym for one of my students, has Asperger Syndrome. He never identified himself as such, or sought any accommodation. I have not even been a teacher that long, having recently become an assistant professor after a 30-year career in the business world. Before meeting Fred, I had, however, read media coverage of the seemingly swift rise in the reported incidence of autism-related disorders, including the controversy over whether the phenomenon was related to childhood vaccinations. After meeting Fred, I took it upon myself to do some reading. From that reading, and from my four months of interaction with Fred, I feel comfortable that my lay diagnosis has at least some accuracy.

We all [teachers] must make adjustments for our students’ particular needs in each class.

Week One

I completely miss the first clue that something is different about “Fred” during the first class of the semester in an undergraduate business school class:

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Toxic Metals: The Reason You Still Feel Sick

Most people are absolutely clueless about just how toxic mercury is. It is toxic at one in one billion-part quantities. That is about the same concentration of one grain of salt in one swimming pool. That is why having mercury fillings is such a major challenge to your health.

Heavy metal toxicity, just like chemical

...optimal nutrition is essential when dealing with heavy metal toxicity because if you are deficient in essential metals, your body will use toxic heavy metals as “stand-ins” instead.

toxicity, has become one of the most pressing health hazards of our day. Your body is assailed by chemicals and heavy metals on a daily basis, oftentimes from the most innocent-looking sources, from your everyday cookware to your child’s rubber ducky.

It has now gotten to the point where babies are being BORN toxic due to the toxic load of their mothers. A 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and Teflon chemicals.

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WINA drops show over autism cracks
by Marissa D'Orazio

After comments blasting autism as just another over-diagnosed American problem, controversial radio personality Michael Savage has been dumped by a Charlottesville station. And for at least one local talk-radio host, the dismissal of “The Savage Nation” comes none too soon. “

As the father of a six-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with autism,” says WINA personality Coy Barefoot, “I was outraged. He clearly is spreading what I know to be outright lies about autism.”

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Get a Comprehensive Evaluation from an Independent Evaluator

Has the school told you your child "does well" in class? He has "passing grades." These are not objective measurements.

The facts about your child are contained in the various tests and evaluations that have been administered. You need to learn what different tests measure and what the test results mean.

Did you compare your child's test results? Don't have test scores to compare?

Get a comprehensive evaluation of your child by an independent evaluator in the private sector. This comprehensive evaluation will give you a roadmap in planning for the future. The evaluation should identify your child's problems and include a plan to address these problems.

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Speaker Spotlight
Biochemist to Discuss Effects of Toxic Metals on Immune Dysfunction at USAAA conference

David Quig, PhD

David Quig, PhD will present "Rationale for Appropriate Lab Tests to Support Safe and Efficient Metal Detoxification" at the USAAA 2008 International Conference in Austin, Texas, on Sunday, September 7th. Dr. Quig will clarify the basic principles of metal toxicology with an emphasis on chronic verses acute metal toxicity, and discuss the effects of toxic metals on immune dysfunction with an emphasis on the prevalent adverse effects on the GI tract.

"I will discuss the effects of toxic metals on immune dysfunction with emphasis on the prevalent adverse effects on the GI tract," said Dr. Quig.

Dr. Quig received his PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of Illinois. He is currently Vice President, Scientific Support for Doctor's Data, and has recently co-authored and facilitated several studies pertaining to toxic and essential elements in children with autism and learning/behavioral disorders.

His current studies include, "“ Efficacy of DMSA suppositories to mobilize mercury and lead into the urine of young autistic children”; “The acute effects of fast-push Ca-Na2-EDTA on biliary/fecal and urinary excretion of toxic and essential elements”, and, “ Lack of effect of chlorella supplementation to enhance fecal excretion of mercury in healthy subjects with dental amalgams.”

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Speaker Spotlight
Mrs. Michigan United States® to present a Parent's Perspective on Biomedical Treatments at USAAA conference

Heidi Scheer

Heidi Scheer, Mrs. Michigan United States®, will present "Autism and Biomedical Treatments”, A parent's perspective" at the USAAA 2008 International Conference in Austin, Texas, on Thursday, September 4th. Heidi will present biomedical treatments used in treating her seven year son who is affected by autism. By using this treatment protocol, she and her husband have seen remarkable improvements with their son over the last three years.

Heidi is a national spokesperson for Autism Recovery, and is actively working toward increased awareness and hope as an advocate with Defeat Autism Now!, The Autism Society of America Michigan chapters and the Judson Center Autism Connections program. She has appeared on Current Affairs with State Representative Kathy Angerer and was recently featured in The Detroit News front page story titled “Vaccine, Autism Link Explored”.

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TIP of the Week
Education/Biomedicine Approach

The basis for helping children with autism move closer to recovery requires the combined approaches of education and biomedicine.
— James Neubrander, MD, FAAEM

In This Issue:

My Semester With an Asperger Syndrome Student

Toxic Metals: The Reason You Still Feel Sick, by Dr. Mercola

WINA drops show over autism cracks

Get a Comprehensive Evaluation from an Independent Evaluator
Speaker Spotlight - Biochemist to discuss effects of toxic metals on immune dysfunction at USAAA conference

Speaker Spotlight -Mrs. Michigan United States® to present a Parent's Perspective on Biomedical Treatments at USAAA conference

TIP of the Week - Education/Biomedicine Approach

Keynote Address:
Holly Robinson Peete

holly robinson PeeteActress, Singer, and Author Holly Robinson Peete will deliver the Keynote Address at the USAAA 2008 Autism & Asperger International Conference which will also include more than 30 of the world’s leading Autism Spectrum Disorder experts who will discuss new treatment regimes and effective therapies never before presented to the public. Ms. Peete, along with husband Rodney – a former NFL quarterback, has become a vocal national advocate for autism-affected families. The Peetes have successfully managed marriage challenges and the difficulties faced in raising their son Rodney Jr. who is affected by autism… and they are still going strong as a family after 12 years! Ms. Peete will offer her compelling testimony on the twin miracles of compassion and communication.

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